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While we were able to include about fifteen images in Commander Will Cushing, we’ve been able to expand our collection on this site.

Will Cushing Katherine Forbes Cushing

  • William Cushing  – Included are several images from his Mathew Brady sittings, a very rare picture from his midshipmn years, and his possible wedding photo.
  • The Cushing FamilyIncludes pictures of his brothers, wife, and daughters.
  • US Navy — The officers and sailors who served with Cushing
  • US Army — The officers and soldiers who interacted with Will and Alonzo Cushing
  • Confederates — The rebels who figured in Cushing’s tale
  • Ships — Images of the various vessels on which Will served, or which factored in his story
  • Battle Scenes — Images of Will Cushing’s important battles
  • The Virginius Affair — Engravings from newspapers depicting many of the scenes from this incident
  • Epilogue — Odds and ends