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The last legs of the great Push the Cush speaking tour–the last legs that have been scheduled, anyway–were held last week. On November 1st, I spoke before the Civil War Roundtable of Eastern Pennsylvania, an attentive and dedicated group of Civil War buffs (and why not? Some of the best parts came in their back yard!) in Allentown PA and Lloyd NY. ) The following Monday,  I was up near Poughkeepsie,  where I spoke before the Town of Lloyd Historical Society. Another large and appreciative group, and why not? Cushing’s story is a great yarn. Thanks to Bob McHugh and Vivian Yadlin and everyone else for your help in booking me and helping to make arrangements.


IMG_0413I had a terrific time over the weekend. On Freezy Friday night I spoke about Will Cushing’s exploits before an enthusiastic crowd and very knowledgable and active crowd of Civil War enthusiasts at the Capital District IMG_0409Civil War Roundtable. At left, I show them how Will used to throw his famous curve ball. Then, on a sunny Saturday, I went to Saratoga Springs and spoke to another excellent crows at the New York State Military Museum. Thanks to Courtney Burns, Rosemary Nichols, Matt George, Bob Mulligan, and everyone else who helped make these appearances possible.


photo-5. . .clap your hands, and boy was I happy yesterday to speak about Commander Will to good, book-buying folks of the Putnam Valley Historical Association at historic Grange Hall in Putnam Valley. They were a knowledgable and appreciative audience, and I’m grateful to Michael Bennett for arranging the talk and inviting me. Next talk: in January. on Long Island.


Jamie Malanowski 20150910I had a great time yesterday speaking to about 25 or 30 very knowledgable and attentive people about <em>Commander Will Cushing</em> at the Naval War College in beautiful, humid Newport RI. <strong>John Kennedy</strong> of the museum was a terrific host, and he and his colleagues brought out this wonderful folk art painting of Cushing for the occasions. As it turns out, it was the same portrait I flirted with purchasing at an auction in the summer of 2014. I must say, it looked better in person than in the catalog, and it was nice to see it, even though it did provoke something of a staring contest between the Will of the painting and the Will of the book cover. Chill, fellas!
Before the talk I popped on a pair of headphones and appeared on WDAK radio. Host
<strong>Bruce Harvey</strong> asked very perceptive questions that sure covered a lot of ground in fifteen minutes. Thanks to <strong>Jacob Sullivan</strong> for arranging.


manvil3Twice last week I ventured into the wilds of Orange County to speak about the marvelous <strong>Commander Will Cushing</strong>. On a sweltering Thursday evening I visited the quaint and scenic Museum Village in Monroe, where about a dozen hearty souls sat at picnic benches in an un-air conditioned structure to hear me go on. On Friday, about 20 of the residents of the Glen Arden Retirement community in Goshen joined me for a lunchtime talk. Providentially, Will Cushing again proved to be an entertaining subject. Many thanks to <strong>Michael Sosler</strong> at Museum Village and <strong>Dee Steeger</strong> at Glen Arden for inviting me, and to all the people who came to hear me speak. Happily, a great number of them bought books! Huzzah!


cimsec1Last Wednesday I was invited by the Washington Chapter of the Center for Maritime Security to speak at a screening of the 1998 HBO movie Pentagon Wars, which was held at the Heritage Foundation. I was thrilled to be invited, and I was happy to see the film, which
I co-wrote, and to meet some fans who know more than a little about the world of Pentagon procurement. Much to my delight, I also got to speak a bit about Commander Will Cushing, who was in his day a force for maritime security. Special thanks to Emil Maine, the organization’s Director of Operations (below), for arranging everything.



mildMany thanks to Sam Falk and all the folks at the Millbrook Literary Festival who invited me to participate at yesterday’s event. It was a beautiful day, I met a lot of interesting people, I sold a lot of books, and I got to participate in a lively panel hosted by Shaun Boyce, and featuring me and my fellow history book writers, John and Richard Polhemus, authors of Stark: The Life and Wars of John Stark, and Jack Kelly, author of book Band of Giants,  All in all, I had a terrific time. (Above from left: Richard Polhemus, Falk, me, Boyce.)


Cushing 100_201505010905310168Delafield, Wisconsin, is the birthplace of Will and Alonzo Cushing, and the folks there did themselves proud this weekend. A four day celebration was held in honor of the centennial of the dedication of an obelisk built in memory of the Cushing brothers, and evidently cushing-memorial-rededicationDelafield pulled out all the stops. Alonzo received most of the attention; present for the festivities was the Medal of Honor that was presented to Alonzo’s descendants last November, along with several of those relatives themselves. Good job, Delafield! (Maybe next year you could shine a bit more light on Will!)