About the Author

JAMIE MALANOWSKI is a veteran writer and editor. He has worked as the National Editor of Spy (member of the founding staff); Senior Editor at Esquire; Senior Editor at Time; and Managing Editor at Playboy, among other positions. He proposed the award-winning Disunion series that appears in the Opinionator section of The New York Times, and has been a frequent contributor to  the series. He is the author of two novels, The Coup and Mr. Stupid Goes to Washington; And the War Came, a history of the six months between Lincoln’s election and the start of the war; and an e-book, The Book of Levon: The Trials and Tribulations of Levon Helm. Commander Will Cushing is his first biography. In 2012, he was the recipient of the Folio Award for Magazine Feature Writing. Jamie lives in Westchester County NY with his wife, Virginia, and daughters Maria and Cara.

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Other books by Jamie Malanowski

51dJQ4IR5aL._SS500_Mr. Stupid Goes to Washington (1992)

Savagely funny.Howard Means, Washingtonian

An Advise and Consent-Animal House combo, with a touch of Bananas thrown inConstance Casey, Los Angeles Times

Hilarious.Clark Humphrey, The Seattle Times



978coup1905847419The Coup (2007)

In this sly Washington satire, . . . . Malanowski’s portrait of a master political double-dealer is as entertaining as it is scary.Publishers Weekly

Malanowski out-Buckleys Christopher Buckley. . . .The one-man coup is so fiendishly plausible that explaining it would give away the central pleasure of [his] fast-paced and entertaining fable. But even if The Coup didn’t offer such machine-tooled plotting, it would be a delight for its punchy dialog and cheerfully sordid characters.Kyle Smith,The Wall Street Journal

A Carl Hiaasen-style take on Washington’s greed and powerEntertainment Weekly


51uYC7Tf61L._AA160_And the War Came (2011)


This is an extraordinary collection, a hugely important deep-dive into the difficult waters of Civil War studies, done with provocative insight, great scholarship and truly original thinking.  —  Ken Burns, director and writer of The Civil War

“Jamie Malanowski brings a historian’s eye and a journalist’s ear to deliver a breathtaking ride through America’s most perilous year. Reading And the War Came is like re-living the rise of Lincoln and the fall of national unity in real time.  — Harold Holzer, Chairman, Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation


levproduct_thumbnail.phpThe Book of Levon: The Trials and Triumphs of Levon Helm (2013)


The Book of Levon: The Trials and Triumphs of Levon Helm, is a must-have for all Levon Helm fans. Jamie Malanowski did a really beautiful job, put a lot of feeling into it. Take a look; I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.Marshall Crenshaw, musician and musicologist

A lovely little book; intelligent, eloquent, well-reported and generous. It helped me appreciate the man almost as much as I do the music. Eric Alterman, author of  Ain’t No SIn To Be Glad You’ve Alive: The Promise of Bruce Springsteen

The Book of Levon is a lovely and loving look at a giant in American music, and an inspirational tale of personal and creative rebirthAlan Light, author of The Holy or the Broken